Servo Motors

We support various motion controls such as industrial robots, peripheral devices, and assembly equipment, which are essential for factory automation and labor saving with a variety of run-ups and excellent functions. We respond to wide range of needs with different variations.

TBL-iⅣ Series ・ TBL-iⅣs Series

TBL-iⅣ |Middle Inertia ・ Compact
TBL-iⅣ |Middle Inertia ・ Large
TBL-iⅣs | Low inertia

TBL-iⅡ Series

TBL-iⅡ | Compact
TBL-iⅡ | Large

TBL-V Series

TBL-V | Compact size

TBL-i mini Series

TBL-i mini | Miniature type
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