Pump Grundfos Type CR103AAAEHQQE

Pump Grundfos Type CR 10-3 A-A-A-E-HQQE

Vertical, multistage centrifugal pump with inlet and outlet ports on same the level (inline). The pump head and base are in cast iron all other wetted parts are in stainless steel. A cartridge shaft seal ensures high reliability, safe handling, and easy access and service. Power transmission is via a rigid split coupling. Pipe connection is via oval flanges with internal Rp threads.

The pump is fitted with a 3-phase, fan-cooled asynchronous motor.

Spesifikasi Pump Grundfos Type CR103AAAEHQQE :

Pumped liquid:  Water
Liquid temperature range:  -20 .. 120 °C
Liquid temp:  20 °C
Density:  998.2 kg/m³
Speed for pump data:  2853 rpm
Rated flow:  10 m³/h
Rated head:  23.1 m
Shaft seal:  HQQE
Approvals on nameplate:  CE,TR
Curve tolerance:  ISO 9906:1999 Annex A
Pump housing:  Cast iron
Pump housing:  EN-JL1030
Pump housing:  ASTM A48-30 B
Impeller:  Stainless steel
Impeller:  DIN W.-Nr. 1.4301
Impeller:  AISI 304
Maximum ambient temperature:  60 °C
Max pressure at stated temp:  16 bar / 120 °C
Max pressure at stated temp:  16 bar / -20 °C
Flange standard:  OVAL
Pipe connection:  Rp 1 1/2
Flange size for motor:  FT100
Electrical data:
Motor type:  80C
IE Efficiency class:  IE3
Number of poles:  2
Rated power – P2:  1.1 kW
Power (P2) required by pump:  1.1 kW
Power (P2) required by pump:  1.1 kW
Mains frequency:  50 Hz
Rated voltage:  3 x 220-240 D/380-415 Y V
Rated current:  4,35/2,50 A
Starting current:  450-500 %
Cos phi – power factor:  0,83-0,76
Rated speed:  2840-2870 rpm
Efficiency:  IE3 82,7%
Enclosure class (IEC 34-5):  55 (Protect. water jets/dust)
Insulation class (IEC 85):  F
Label:  Grundfos Blueflux
Minimum efficiency index, MEI ≥:  0.7
Net weight:  37 kg
Gross weight:  40 kg
Shipping volume:  0.08 m3

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