Apiste ENC-GR500EX-Pro

Specifications Apiste ENC-GR500EX-Pro

Apiste ENC-GR500EX-Pro

Features of Non-freon-gas Filter-less & Energy saving Apiste ENC-GR500EX-Pro

No fins means no clogging, and a filter-less design simplifies daily maintenance.

Past control panel cooler units needed regular fin and filter maintenance because they released heat with a fin and tube condenser system. GR-Pro Series control panel coolers use a new fin-less condenser. This greatly reduces maintenance and cost because there are no spots in the system that can become clogged and therefore no need for a filter.

Even when dirty, there is little drop in cooling performance

Testing the effect on cooling performance of dust and oil mist stuck on the condenser shows that while filter system performance drops 40%, the GR-Pro Series keeps 85% performance.

Energy saving & Powerful cooling

Compared to past inverters, saves energy use up to 55% to greatly reduce electricity costs.

Apiste’s independently developed inverter controls three key functions: compressor, condenser fan (using a DC brushless motor), and expansion valve (using a stepping motor). Activating before the operating load reaches 100% achieves up to 55%* energy saving compared to past models. Moreover, Triple eco Control reduces stress on electronic components by reducing gradually temperature fluctuationg.

Even in high-temperature conditions, only a small drop in cooling performance

The GR-Pro Series features a decompressor relocated from the capillary tube to the electronic expansion valve. Data from the cooling circuit’s condenser temperature sensor and evaporation temperature sensor are converted to pressure and then used to precisely control electronic expansion valve pressure. The best compressor performance and maintains the best cooling performance even under each high-temperature conditions.

Mounting typeTop-mounting
Cooling capacity(W)600
Setting Temperature Range(℃)25~45
Use Area Temperature(℃)20~55
Use Area Humidity(%RH)10~85 (No condensation)
External dimensions(mm)H348×W550×D270
Weight(kg)Approx. 21
Coating ColorEquivalent color of light beige 5Y 7/1
Rated Voltage(V)Single-phase AC200~240
Consumption Current: Rated(A)2.1
Consumption wattage: Rated(W)330
Recommended breaker capacity (A)5
Vibration ResistanceJIS Z0200 Level1
Dust prevention / dust proof protection classEquivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
Refrigerant / Fill ration(g)R1234yf 230g
Noise (dB (A))Approx. 65
External OutputRated voltage normally open : 250 VAC 2A/30 VDC 2A
DisplayInternal temperature/Error/RUN
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