Apiste Cooling ENC GR500L-SUS

Apiste Cooling Unit ENC GR500L-SUS properly cool down panels, which hold a concentration of electronic devices producing a lot of heat. Also, dust-proofing and dehumidifying can be simultaneously achieved by sealing the panels. These capabilities are most useful in areas with high outdoor air temperature and areas with high humidity, as well as areas where oil mist is scattered in the air.

Apiste Cooling Unit ENC GR500L-SUS

Specifications Apiste Cooling Unit ENC GR500L-SUS :


Mounting typeSide-mounting
Cooling capacity(W)470
Setting Temperature Range(℃)25~45
Use Area Temperature(℃)-5~55
Use Area Humidity(%RH)10~85 (No condensation)
External dimensions(mm)H700×W350×D99
Surface finishSUS-HL Finish
Rated Voltage(V)Single-phase AC200~240
Consumption Current: Rated(A)1.9/1.7
Consumption Current: MAX(A)2.7/2.4
Consumption wattage: Rated(W)275
Consumption wattage: MAX(W)395
Vibration ResistanceEquivalent to JIS Z 0200 Level1
Dust prevention / dust proof protection classIPX4 (ENC-SUS unit only), Equivalent to IP54 (internal circulation route)
Refrigerant / Fill ration(g)R1234yf 160g
Noise (dB (A))Approx. 76
External OutputAlarm output (No-voltage/normal open: resistive load 250V 2A), Can be switched to no-voltage/normal close by setting
DisplayInternal temperature/Error/RUN

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